Anaheim Ducks Rumors

Looking forward to the Ducks LTIRetiring Kesler & Eaves and then using that cap space to acquire/sign Trouba 🔮👀

Great win for @OregonMBB vs @BadgerMBB Congrats on a great season for the badgers. The Ducks are playing so well right now. The bounce and length of the Ducks is tough for teams to deal with. #GoDucks @kennywootenjr @fastpp3 #OREvsWIS

2H, 4:14 | Kenny Wooten with a huge swap of a block, his fourth of the day. Ducks get in transition and Richardson finds Pritchard to give him 19 points. @OregonMBB inching away now up 12, 59-47.

hey, @ReindeerGames91 do you think the ducks would still trade henrique if they're certain to not have Kesler next year?

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