New Jersey Devils Rumors


If the Rangers and Devils can make a trade, the Yankees and Mets can make a trade.

Screw both of you!!!!
I wouldn't make a deal with you two, you are devils in sheeps cothing!!
Both of you will go straight to HELL!!

What is going on in the @NHL Hawks are in last, Buffalo had a 10 game winning streak, the devils decided to give the Ducks 3 Christmas presents, the senators forgot how to defense, the Avalanche are good again, kings sign “all star” who can’t stay healthy... #baffled

A pledge to serve the Devil or one of his
demons. The pact may be made orally, but according to
lore it is best to write it on virgin parchment and sign it
in blood. The pact provides that in exchange for allegiance
and one’s soul, the Devil will

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